What To Expect


If you're looking for the right church for your family, you probably have some questions for us. We've put together some things you can expect from a typical Sunday morning at Paradox.

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What We Believe

A paradox is a truth that is seemingly contradictory. It arrests attention and provokes new thought. Find out more about why we're called Paradox Church and what we believe!

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Current Series

One of the greatest examples in the bible of how God grow us is also one of the oldest stories. For the next few weeks, we will examine several aspects of the life of Moses and how it relates to our lives today.  t’s a story about how God grows us into the purposes He has for our lives through relationship in Him.

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Paradox Church meets at 10am every Sunday. We are located at 5460 Arden Ave, Warren, MI 48092.

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