The White Flag Pledge is a three-year financial commitment, starting March 2015 and ending in 2018, above regular giving that each family who calls Paradox their home is asked to make. The funds will be going towards costs associated with obtaining, building out, and maintaining a permanent church home. This stream of the project will enable us to stake claim in our city and obtain a piece of property to use as a full-time space Paradox Church would call “home”.

A place of our own would:

  1. Allow us access to a building 24 hours a day, 7 hours a week, compared to 6 hours a week currently.

  2. Provide our staff a central location for offices to work in, meet in, and for people of Paradox to utilize.
  3. Allow us to increase the amount of people we can serve on a Sunday morning by allowing us more seats and program rooms and the ability to go to multiple services.
  4. Give us space to use to serve our community with things such as classes, training, Bible studies and fellowship groups.
  5. Free up some of our volunteers from the work of setting up and tearing down church each week and refocus that energy towards serving people directly and interpersonally.

Every family who calls Paradox home submitted pledge cards at service on 3/22/15. Contributions can be made online via Simple Give by selecting "Building Fund" in the drop-down, or via check (write "Building Fund" in the memo line). For more information on Simple Give, see our online giving page. If you are new to Paradox and would like to pledge or have questions, email