Here are some answers to questions you might have.

What’s happening?

Antioch is coming together with Paradox.

Instead of two separate churches, we'll be one. Think of a marriage. Antioch Shoreline will be taking our name and moving into our place. We'll be combining our people, leadership, and finances into one big happy family.

Who is Antioch Shoreline?

Antioch is much like Paradox Church.

Antioch Shoreline is a young church that Paradox helped plant in St. Clair Shores a couple of years ago. (Craig sits on their church board.) They have one service weekly that has about 100 people in attendance. They’re a church very much like ours, relaxed and relevant. Like us, they love coffee, great music, and life-applicable messages.

Do our beliefs align?

Both churches are committed to Jesus.

Antioch Shoreline is a non-denominational, evangelical Christian church, just like we are. While we may have some very slight differences in practice, our beliefs are in complete alignment with each other. Most of all, both churches are focused on reaching people far from God and leading them to be fully devoted followers of Jesus.

What will our name be?

Paradox Church will still be Paradox Church.

Our name is not changing. We value the years we’ve been in Warren and know that our name recognition grows by the day. The City of Warren knows who we are and even calls on us for help. We love that and don’t want that to change.

Who will be our lead pastor?

Antioch’s Dave Kubiak will be our new lead pastor.

Dave is the founding pastor of Antioch Shoreline. Prior to launching Antioch, Dave worked for eight years at Kensington Community Church. Pastor Dave has been a guest speaker here at Paradox several times. Pastor Mike, Pastor Greg, and the rest of the staff are excited to work with Dave.

What other staff changes will there be?

Journey is welcoming a new director.

In addition to Dave, Holly MacDonald will also be a paid staff member and will be assuming the role of Journey Children's Ministry Director. Mike & April Nank cherished their time as Journey directors but are happy to pass the baton off to Holly. April will continue on as Office Manager, and Mike will focus on how Paradox serves people both inside and outside our walls.

What about our leaders and the LMT?

Our teams complement each other well.

Other than the change in Journey, no other ministry leaders are changing. We are thrilled that several Antioch people will slide over as key volunteers. Holly and Dave will join our staff meetings, and Dave will be joining the existing Lead Management Team (LMT).

When will this happen?

We’ll come together as one church on July 14.

Paradox will officially welcome Antioch Shoreline to our church starting Sunday, July 14. Pastor Dave will be installed as Lead Pastor on July 28. Pastor Craig will stay on through September in a teaching and advisory role.

Is this still my church?


God's church is still a body that needs everyone. You have something to contribute, and we need you now more than ever! Coming together allows us to do bigger and better things, and we’d love for you to plug into a team or ministry if you haven’t yet. Most of all, we’ll have the very important job of welcoming Antioch church members with open arms.

What if I still have questions?

Honestly, there are some things we're still figuring out and maybe some things we haven't thought of yet. We'd really appreciate your grace in the process! Please don't hesitate to let us know how you're feeling over the next few weeks. And no question is off the table. Please direct them to anyone on our Lead Management Team: Pastor Craig McGlassion, Pastor Mike Nank, Pastor Greg Meehan, Tim Lopp, or Tuesday Twomey.

Below are our previously posted FAQs directly related to Craig’s transition into his new church planting role.

Craig is leaving Paradox because God is leading him to. Is that what’s really happening?

The truth is, what’s happening has been happening since men and women have been able to follow the voice and leading of God with reckless abandon.

That voice, which has led countless other men and women in the same way, has been leading Craig. After many months of prayer and council, Craig has decided to step down as Lead Pastor of Paradox Church and transition to a different role at a different church this fall. He will continue to serve the kingdom, but in a different way. 

What began a few years ago as a stirring in Craig has become a certainty that God wants him to keep doing what He told him to do 13 years ago: plant churches, preach, and lead. However, God has brought an opportunity to Craig to continue to fulfill, and even refine, his call, in a different role and context than as Lead Pastor at Paradox Church.

This was not an easy decision for Craig and was born of his love for spreading the Gospel and following God’s will, which has always been part of his messages from the stage. When God calls, we believe you need to follow, even when it’s hard.

Over the next few months Craig will begin handing off his Paradox responsibilities little by little, but he will continue to be a part of Paradox until the end of September. He will continue to serve through preaching, as well as through helping lead the church through this season of change and transition.

In November, Craig will begin a new role at Kensington Community Church as the Director of Church Planting. Craig will also serve as one of their teaching pastors.

Craig stepping down is a big surprise to me. Is Paradox going to change?

While we will all miss Craig dearly, we’re also excited for the new opportunities this is going to bring for Paradox. There are many things that make Paradox unique, and we do not see those things changing after Craig leaves.

Is Craig going to be gone for good?

Craig loves Paradox, so he’ll be back to visit from time to time, even guest speaking on occasion. But his new role of church planting will demand a decent chunk of time from him, as it is a full-time position. So you might not see him as often as you’d like while he gets his feet wet in the new adventure God has called him to.

I hate change, and this is, well, change.

We completely understand and sometimes feel that, too. What we’ve been doing is digging deeper into our Bibles and rolling up our sleeves in our ministries. If there’s a need, we want to help fill it so that while our lead pastor position is changing, we are reminded of the great things at Paradox that are still here. We’ve always preached that Paradox is not about any man, other than Jesus. As much as we love Craig and feel like he’s family, Paradox will still be here, and most of the aspects of what makes Paradox a family are still here, too.

Is Paradox going to be able to survive this transition?

This is an honest question, and it’s something we believe many people are going to ask themselves over the coming months. Here is the reality: We serve an awesome God! Over the last 13 years, He has blessed us with an amazing lead pastor, but He has also blessed us with an amazing leadership team, hundreds of great volunteers, and a wonderful church home.

Paradox has always been about the Gospel of Jesus, and we believe God is going to continue to bless our ministry through our current leaders and the wonderful people that make up Paradox Church. Often times when a lead pastor leaves his role at a church, people follow the lead pastor on to his next church. In this case, Craig will not be pastoring a new church, so we are not expecting this type of separation. We do understand change is difficult for people, but we also believe this is opening a door for God to work through our current people in ways we never thought possible. 

Do you think a lot of people will leave?

Some may, but we really believe that Paradox is bigger than any one person, so we also think very few will. Let’s all remember Craig’s challenge to wait at least 6-9 months before making a decision as big as leaving your church. Initially it may be hard to imagine Sunday mornings without Craig, but we’re convinced that very soon we will see that Craig was only a part of what we love so much about Paradox. Let’s lock arms in this season and grow in our commitment to each other. Let’s challenge each other to stay the course at the church God led us to, and if someone does leave, then let’s bless them and love them as they do.

I have lots of feelings and thoughts about this. Is there an outlet for me to be heard?

Absolutely. The temptation is to overwhelm Craig with all of our thoughts, but there are lots of options for you to be heard. We are all here for you. We are available to meet one-on-one to answer questions and concerns. Our doors are always open.

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