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To really see the beauty of Christmas, you have to pull back the more familiar details to uncover the epic storyline underneath, beginning with its ugly and bizarre start. That one small bite from an apple explains every single thing that is wrong with our world: every war, every murder, every cancer, every starving child—and it also tipped the dominoes that started falling for God to come to us. Join us this Christmas season as we take a closer look at key parts of the Christmas story: The small “bites” we take that separate us from Jesus, the unlikely way that God chose to make an entrance into humanity, and the signs we always find ourselves looking for.


Week One (12/10): Just a Bite - Pastor Craig McGlassion

Week Two (12/17): How Not to Make an Entrance - Pastor Craig McGlassion

Week Three (12/24): Signs - Pastor Craig McGlassion

Christmas Eve: Evening Candlelight Service at 6:30 pm