Impact is made up of two branches: Community & Missions. Our Community Team looks for ways to serve our city, while the Missions Team takes Paradox on annual trips around the country and world. Email to learn more or to find out about any of the involvement opportunities below!

Ways to Get Involved in Impact: Community

1. If you have a new idea for a service project that the church could get involved in (and/or if you are interested in leading a project), we would love to hear your idea. We have Community Event Idea Forms located at the Hub on Paradox's lower level.

2. You can join a team that is already in place:

  • PBJ Ministries: Lead by Tuesday Twomey, this team makes sandwiches and distributes them in Detroit on the third Saturday of each month.
  • FRē Outreach: This team meets the second Saturday morning of each month. Teams go into Warren hotels to see if they have seen any of the recent missing children, and educates hotel staff about human trafficking. There is a mini-training prior to leaving for outreach each month.
  • Night to Shine: We are looking to form a team of people who are interested in creating a special space and area for parents and caregivers to have during the Night to Shine event. Please let us know if you would like to lead or be a part of this team. 

3. Join our Hands and Feet email list: This group will be emailed when new community projects are happening so they can be ready to serve. We understand that some people don't want to plan and lead, but want to be ready to serve when projects come up! (Such as Giving Trees, Night to Shine, etc.)