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The word anticipate means to look toward an occurrence as probable. It’s more than a maybe in your mind. It's a STRONG likelihood. But where the word’s definition gets really interesting is that it also means “to act as a forerunner, or precursor of.” In other words, whatever you’re anticipating will require a certain amount of effort and action beforehand.

If you anticipate, then you must activate. Heading into Easter, we need to anticipate God doing miracles among us. Miracles of who He brings, of how many He brings, and miracles of what He will do. If we have no passionate anticipation of God doing incredible things in our presence, then He just may not. But we can’t simply anticipate, we need to also ACT ahead of what we anticipate with faithful steps that show we are ready for Him.

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    Anticipate - Heat It Up - 3/18/18
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