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To really see the beauty of Christmas you have to face it’s ugly & bizarre start first. The ugly & bizarre start is that it was one small bite that explains every single things wrong with this world; every war, every murder, every cancer, every starving child, even death itself is the product of just a bit! Adam & Eve didn't eat every piece of fruit or even the whole apple, bust just a bite. This is why even just a bite is so dangerous. What small bites are you taking now that are creating death and separation in your life from Jesus?  Because the beauty in this story is that just one bite also began the dominos falling for God to come to us to us.  Maybe the question shouldn’t be “how could they...” but how could I. Maybe instead of, “come on, how does one bite lead to so much consequence!”, let’s instead look at how that’s happened in your life. Maybe instead of, “it was just an apple” begin to see the destruction locked inside many of our one small secessions.

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